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Wellness Reset

Taking care of your health is the greatest way to feel and look your best.

Our goal at Injury and Wellness Centers - Jacksonville is to help you live better by giving you the tools to strengthen your body’s defenses and avoid regressing into symptoms from latent conditions or injuries. To bring out your best, we take a personalized, all-encompassing approach to your health based on your unique needs. Learn more about our Wellness Program and reset yourself toward a healthier lifestyle. Schedule your Jacksonville Wellness consultation today.

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Stay Healthy and Prevent Re-injuries with Wellness Treatments in Jacksonville, FL | Injury and Wellness Centers

A Path to Health

What are the benefits of Wellness Program treatments?

Our Jacksonville, FL, location is the perfect place to see what makes Injury and Wellness Centers different. Our staff cares about your well-being inside and out. Our services are a reliable resource for improved musculoskeletal health that provide noticeable improvements in your well-being. Don't wait. Schedule your wellness treatments now.

Personalized Treatment

Types of Treatments

Injury and Wellness Centers offer various treatment modalities to promote overall health and well-being. Your provider will tailor your wellness treatment plan depending on your specific needs. Therapies that can help maintain musculoskeletal health include medical acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and manual massage therapy.

Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture supports comprehensive pain management. Our acupuncture treatments are based on traditional Chinese methodologies that may benefit the nervous system. The dry needle method seldom draws blood and minimizes pain. The needles are carefully inserted into your body's meridian pathways to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation.

Chiropractic Adjustments

We are committed to providing you with continuous relief from any lingering discomfort you are experiencing as the result of an injury. Our chiropractic care is among the most dependable and forward-thinking therapy alternatives that we provide. Even minor chiropractic adjustments can keep you aligned and healthy.

Manual Therapy

Our massage and manual therapy providers customize your treatment to your situation. Deep tissue and Swedish massage relieve stress, and manual treatment improves the range of motion and healing. Massage can also prevent discomfort. Discover our massage and manual therapy treatments and start feeling better today.

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You Deserve to Feel Your Best

The only way to feel your best is to take care of your health. Injury and Wellness Center's mission is to provide you with support to prevent injuries and regressions and help you live a more active life.

We adopt a specialized, comprehensive approach to your health that is focused on your particular needs to bring out the best in you. Discover more about our wellness program, then reorient your life to a better one. Set up your consultation with Jacksonville Injury and Wellness Centers today.

Your Wellness Awaits

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You have only 14 days from the time of your car accident to seek medical attention, after which your benefits may be terminated. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we prioritize providing compassionate care and defending the legal rights of accident victims. The only way your lawyer can prove your injuries and secure the money you deserve is if you provide them with detailed medical records. Improve the quality of your life and learn to take charge of your health with the help of Injury & Wellness Centers in Jacksonville, Florida.

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