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Lasting Relief From Knee Pain

Find lasting relief from osteoarthritis knee pain with new GenVisc 850® injections, now available at Injury & Wellness Centers in Jacksonville.

GenVisc 850® delivers a hyaluronic formulation directly to the synovial fluid of the knee joint, where it improves lubrication between moving parts. Patients who have tried GenVisc 850® report pain relief lasting up to 30 weeks and reduced reliance on oral pain medications. If knee pain is interfering with your life, call us to learn more and set up your first appointment today.

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GenVisc 850® Injections in Jacksonville

Remember Life Before Knee Pain

What is GenVisc 850® Injection Treatment?

Injectables formulated from hyaluronic acid have a range of applications due to their ability to boost hydration in underlying tissues. For individuals who suffer from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis, hyaluronic acid injections enhance the viscosity of the synovial fluid in the joint. GenVisc 850® is specially formulated to cushion motion in the knee joint and has been shown to provide significant pain relief. The best results are achieved by having five injections one week apart. Following this regimen can provide pain relief for up to 30 weeks.

Walk Away from Knee Pain

What are the benefits of GenVisc 850® injections?

Patients who receive GenVisc 850® injections report noticeable improvements in their knee pain, which can also result in improved mobility and quality of life. Injectable treatments like GenVisc 850® are less invasive than surgery and work by targeting the causes of osteoarthritis in the knee. Five treatments spaced one week apart can provide up to 30 weeks of pain relief, and the injection regimen may be repeated later as needed.

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Am I a good candidate for GenVisc 850® injections?

FDA-Approved for Osteoarthritis of the Knee

If you suffer from chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis, you are a candidate for GenVisc 850®.

A series of five weekly injections can provide up to 30 weeks of pain relief, reducing your reliance on oral pain medications. Individuals who have had an allergic reaction to hyaluronate in the past should not receive GenVisc 850®, in which case we can recommend alternative treatments to alleviate your pain.

Months of Relief in Five Visits

Your GenVisc 850® Procedure

To achieve optimal results, you will need five injections of GenVisc 850®, spaced one week apart. These are intra-articular injections, meaning that the needle administers medicine into the fluid-filled area of the joint. Patients report a slight sting with the injection, which subsides quickly. The hyaluronic acid injection works by helping lubricate the joint.

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Don’t Wait to Feel Better

At Injury & Wellness Centers in Jacksonville, we care about helping you live a happier, pain-free life.

We are proud to offer the revolutionary hyaluronic injectable GenVisc 850® for individuals suffering from osteoarthritis knee pain. Contact us today to set up a consultation. We will analyze your needs and help plan a course of treatment that fits your goals, schedule, and budget.

GenVisc 850® Recovery

What to Expect After Your Procedure

Avoid strenuous exercise or activities that put extra strain on your knees, such as lifting heavy items, for 48 hours after each injection. You can return to light activities right away and resume your usual activity level within two days.

Improvement With Each Injection

GenVisc 850® Results

Although some patients start to feel relief after the first injection, most people begin to notice a difference after three treatments. Results continue to improve with each injection and can last up to 30 weeks. GenVisc 850® can help reduce your reliance on oral pain relievers. At the same time, because they are locally administered, the injections do not pose any major risk of interactions with other medicines you take.

GenVisc 850® Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may receive GenVisc 850® in one or both knees as needed.

Currently, GenVisc 850® injections are only FDA-approved to treat osteoarthritic knee pain.

The effectiveness of GenVisc 850® will wear off over time, but patients have reported pain relief lasting up to 30 weeks.

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