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What You Should Know if You’re in an Auto Accident

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident, an expert medical practitioner must evaluate and treat you quickly. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we prioritize compassionate care for accident victims and the protection of your legal rights.

Your attorney can only substantiate your injuries and obtain the compensation you deserve if they have the appropriate medical documentation. We are all aware that insurance companies are not on your side, particularly when a substantial payment is at risk. They frequently delay, dismiss, or fight accident claims to their benefit, providing as little as possible in compensation. Because of this, it is crucial to have a medical advocate who understands what it takes to help you recover and win your case. Don’t suffer another day. Call us now at (904) 683-6924.

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What is Auto Accident Treatment?

At Injury & Wellness Centers, we want you to be the healthiest you that you can possibly be. One of our focus areas of treatment is taking care of injuries sustained from auto accidents.

We know how terrifying it is to be in an automobile accident in the first place, but if you get injured in that wreck, it makes the fear and upset even worse. You can sustain injuries in auto accidents that require emergency medical treatment, but once the immediate danger has passed, you’re out of the hospital and left reeling with lingering pain, tension, nerves, and stress while trying to finish recovery. Injury & Wellness Centers in Jacksonville is here to help you to fully and quickly recover from auto accidents and the pain they leave behind, such as lower back pain, whiplash, nerve pain, and lingering pain and damage from head and chest injuries

Personalized Treatments

What are the benefits of the auto accident injuries we treat?

When you come into our office, we’ll start by doing a workup and evaluating the problem. Our team of caring, talented professionals will help diagnose the root cause of the issue for the discomfort you’re experiencing, and then we’ll create a plan with you for treatment options that best suit your needs. We can treat multiple injuries caused by auto accidents, slips and falls, and personal injuries— including the most common ones, such as whiplash and the subsequent lower back pain it causes. Our doctors can also treat nerve and muscle pain stemming from tension caused by head injuries, which can be difficult to bear without our treatment options.

If you suffered any damage to your neck or chest that left lasting pain, tension, and discomfort, we can work with you on this, too, so you can go back to living life the way it was before the auto accident that changed everything, at least temporarily. If you don’t see your specific type of auto accident injury included here, please call us. We can treat a broad range of injuries, and we always offer free consultations.

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Your Auto Accident Treatments

How we treat automobile accident injuries

Our team is dedicated to your whole health, which means that we focus on finding a solution to end your pain while treating the underlying cause of it. We don’t just prescribe pain medicine and send you on your way while the problem worsens. Our practice focuses on physical therapy courses, chiropractic care, joint care, and more; we use these to treat your source of pain. We use safe, science-based treatments to relieve discomfort and solve the problem causing it through therapeutic ultrasound and neuromuscular retraining.

Our acupuncture and manual therapy services help relax tense and damaged muscles from auto accidents so they can heal more quickly. In addition, they stimulate blood flow to the affected areas, further speeding up healing by lowering inflammation and pain. We offer over ten years of chiropractic experience, which we will put to use on your back pain caused by whiplash or other injuries from auto accidents, employing cutting-edge technology like an activator and table drop to enhance your care. For nerve pain from head injuries, we have specialists eager to implement our trusted practices and help you eliminate your pain.

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If you've been hurt in a car accident and don't have a doctor, or if you're not receiving the results you need, call us at (904) 683-6924. We are standing by to schedule your no-cost in-office consultation. Remember, you only have 14 days after a car accident to see a doctor or risk losing your benefits. Take the initiative, act, and defend your legal rights.

Auto Accident Frequently Asked Questions

We are out-of-network for all health insurance plans. Injury & Wellness Centers offer exceptionally reasonable wellness rates for patients with a high deductible. However, we will accept auto insurance as applicable to your treatment.

We no longer accept Medicare.

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You have only 14 days from the time of your car accident to seek medical attention, after which your benefits may be terminated. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we prioritize providing compassionate care and defending the legal rights of accident victims. The only way your lawyer can prove your injuries and secure the money you deserve is if you provide them with detailed medical records. Improve the quality of your life and learn to take charge of your health with the help of Injury & Wellness Centers in Jacksonville, Florida.

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