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A Holistic Approach to Pain Relief

In order to best support all of your pain management needs, we provide medical acupuncture and massage therapy at our medical office. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we believe in providing medical care that is comprehensive and sensitive to each patient’s needs. To schedule an acupuncture appointment or massage, you can reach out to us at (904) 683-6924.

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Medical Acupuncture & Massage Therapy In Jacksonville

Supportive Treatment

What is Medical Acupuncture?

A type of alternative therapy called acupuncture uses extremely tiny needles to treat patients. Practitioners place needles at various angles and depths to address various health concerns. A number of different ailments can be treated with acupuncture, including pain relief. The precise mechanism by which it operates is yet unknown. While some individuals think it balances vital energy, others believe it has a neurological impact. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we use medical acupuncture as a complementary treatment to support your additional therapies for optimal health results.

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How it Works

Your Medical Acupuncture Procedure

In traditional Chinese medicine, health is seen as a result of the life energy known as Qi, pronounced "chi," and the harmonic balance between the opposing extremes of yin and yang. Advocates of this perspective contend that an imbalance of these factors leads to illness.

The human body's meridians, or energy corridors, carry qi. There are 361 acupuncture sites on the body that may be used to access these meridians and energy flows. It is possible to restore the energy flow equilibrium by inserting needles into these locations in the right combinations. Several traditional acupuncture points may be in locations where stimulation can influence the activity of numerous sensory neurons, according to a 2017 study. Receptive fields are another name for these locations. The physical stimulation of inserting needles at specific places may alter how the central nervous system and muscles perceive pain while also increasing blood flow to specific regions of the body.

Finding the Best Solution for You

What are the benefits of Medical Acupuncture?

Our acupuncture techniques are grounded in traditional Chinese methods that have been around for thousands of years. We use the dry needle technique that rarely leads to blood being drawn while keeping discomfort to a minimum. The needles are placed intentionally into a system of pathways on your body that connect various parts of your nerves, leading to blood stimulation which helps alleviate inflammation. Some things to expect when receiving acupuncture include:

  • Sessions last about 20 minutes
  • You will be lying down face-up or face-down
  • Due to the calming nature, you will most likely want to take a nap, which we encourage
Jacksonville Injury & Wellness Centers office

After your session, drinking plenty of water and taking it easy is recommended.

Whole-Body Relief

Medical Acupuncture Recovery & Results

However, acupuncture treatments typically do not have any significant downtime. Although it can be challenging to quantify the results of acupuncture, many people find it effective for managing a range of chronic conditions. There is evidence that acupuncture works best in patients who anticipate positive results. If you're having problems managing pain with more traditional approaches, acupuncture may be worth a try because it has a low incidence of adverse effects.

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The Injury and Wellness Centers provide several tools to aid your recovery. We focus on your whole health since complete body rehabilitation is required. Back discomfort, chronic pain, work or sports injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation can all be helped with medical acupuncture. Your health restoration is our top priority.

Medical Acupuncture Frequently Asked Questions

Since the needles are so tiny, insertion normally doesn't cause any discomfort. Most of the time, you don’t feel the needle insertion at all. An average treatment involves five to twenty needles. When needles are inserted to a specific depth, you may experience a mild aching feeling.

Acupuncture risks include the potential for bleeding, bruising, and pain at the insertion sites.

It depends on your unique circumstance. A person with a chronic disease can benefit from one or two treatments each week for several months. After eight to 12 sessions, an acute health condition typically sees some improvement.

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You have only 14 days from the time of your car accident to seek medical attention, after which your benefits may be terminated. At Injury and Wellness Centers, we prioritize providing compassionate care and defending the legal rights of accident victims. The only way your lawyer can prove your injuries and secure the money you deserve is if you provide them with detailed medical records. Improve the quality of your life and learn to take charge of your health with the help of Injury & Wellness Centers in Jacksonville, Florida.

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